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    Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

    1)  Your free initial consultation should be with a licensed California attorney only.  If an attorney doesn't have time for you during this very important meeting, you aren't getting the representation you deserve.

    2)  Do not sign any agreement until you have had all of your questions answered and have considered all of your available options, including options other than filing for bankruptcy.  An experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you weigh the pros and cons of all your available options, not just the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy.

    3)  If an attorney or any employee of a firm uses high pressure sales tactics, walk away.  The decision to file for bankruptcy is an important one.  You will likely need time to consider your options and talk about your decision with family members and loved ones.  A good bankruptcy attorney is interested in helping you make a good financial decision, not in getting you to sign on the dotted line at any cost.

    4)  Choose an attorney who has experience in the practice of bankruptcy law.  Don't become a test case for an attorney dabbling in bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy practitioners, along with "loan modification experts", have flooded the marketplace during this economic downturn.  Has your attorney been practicing bankruptcy law more than just for the last two or three years?  Select an attorney that has a proven track record, ideally one that has been practicing bankruptcy law since before 2005, when the bankruptcy laws last went through a major overhaul.

    5)  Filing for bankruptcy shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.  If you are suffering from sticker shock, chances are you might be paying your attorney too much.  Choose an attorney that will work within your budget and offer you a payment plan you can afford.

    6)  Don't choose an attorney with the biggest advertising budget.  Those advertising costs are passed on to you the consumer!  Good bankruptcy attorneys rely mainly on referral business rather than on big advertising dollars to bring in new clients.  Your bankruptcy attorney should be focused on solving your financial problems and not preoccupied with capturing your attention and hard earned dollars!

    National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys